The Sonoran Difference

I. Non-Feminized Seeds

Unlike most other seed producers, we don’t produce feminized seeds. Although the general consensus is that there is less risk associate with feminized seeds, we believe a more traditional approach is needed to truly minimize risk of male production. Let us explain. If you have a feminized seed, it will likely produce a female plant. However, that female plant can still turn male if that plant becomes stressed from, for example, unfavorable weather conditions and/or a lack of proper nutrients. This is why we believe that if you are looking to farm hemp for generations to come you should be thinking about setting your farm up to be at least partially if not fully independent in regards to genetics. This is where tried and true methods of selection become valuable. By sprouting a large batch of seed, selecting, isolating & propagating you can ensure the plant material at hand is of the highest caliber before it enters the field. This is also a valuable marketing strategy for the cultivators and farms because they have a reliable/repeatable product for the buyers.

II. Outdoor Cultivation

All of the seed cultivated by Sonoran Canyon Seed Co. is cultivated outdoors just as industrial hemp cultivators and farmers do. With no hemp cultivators within 50+ square miles, we have no concerns of cross pollination. This location gives us the ability to test all cultivars in a setting similar to if not exceeding the conditions they will see in the open field. Additionally, it allows us to show our customers the true vigor of our plants and the final flower expression.

III. Focus on Quality Genetics

It all starts with a seed/plant that has the ability to perform and express itself at the highest level in a given environment. We focus on the development of arid climate varieties that do just that in high light, low humidity environments. It's not to say they won't perform in other conditions, but they are bred for arid climates.

IV. Selection Process

There is a high rate of "culling" that takes place during our selection process to ensure that we have selected the individuals that are most suited for the conditions. The selection of donating father and receiving mother is taken with great care and very seriously.

V. Tried & True Seeds

Not only do we believe that growing outdoors is important because it mimics reality, we believe that cultivating our seeds in the conditions that we do has an even greater impact on the stability of our seeds. In the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, we have 45+ degree temperature swings and hit temperatures around 115 degrees in the summer months. Our plants are subject to high light intensity, high winds and monsoons. And let’s not forget about a pests like grasshoppers