Our Story



 "Welcome to Sonoran Canyon Seed Co. We are life long growers and horticulture nerds who specialize in producing a variety of hemp seeds created to thrive even in the roughest of climates."
-Bill Artwohl, CEO


Our Motivation

At Sonoran Canyon Seed Co. we are committed to preserving the past. The legalization of cannabis changed things for all of us, but we believe there remains a tremendous value in the farming traditions left behind by past generations. We, like others, look to the future for new developments and technologies that will improve the quality of our products. At the same time, we aim to become acknowledged by the industry not because we created a new brand, but because we continued a legacy.

 As part of this mission we are committed to donating 1% of all profits to the following non-profit:





The Difference

Our seeds are cultivated outdoors in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. In this region, our seeds and plants are tested for durability and expression. It is this approach to seed cultivation, that produces tried and true genetics that puts the farmer in a position to do what they do best. We are focused on durability, performance and overall plant expression.


The Lifestyle

 Being a farmer is one of the greatest privileges on earth. Being a farmer that provides the means (seeds) necessary for other farmers to do what they love, while providing a living for their family is even better. Sonoran Canyon Seed Co. is a community-based group as opposed to industry based. Our time is spent on the ranch or in the farm just like you. We are farmers working for farmers.