Do I need to be a licensed hemp grower to buy seeds?

Yes. By law, we are obligated to only sell to individuals or companies who hold a state issued, Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp license or registration.

Besides my industrial hemp license or registration, what else do I need from a compliance perspective to acquire seed?

In addition to your hemp license or registration, you will also need to complete our Material Transfer Agreement.

What is the minimum amount of seeds that I need to purchase?

Unlike most other seed suppliers, our minimum order is 10 seeds. However, the more seeds you purchase, the cheaper they get. All other compliance rules apply even for smaller orders.

What is the price of seed?

If you are ordering less than 1,000 seeds you can expect to pay a price around USD 5 per seed. Once you break the 1,000 seed order threshold, pricing begins to drop.

Can I reserve seed?

Not at this time, seeds and cuttings will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Can you ship your seed across state lines?

Yes, pending buyer is compliant with all state and federal regulations.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, business / personal checks from returning clients, and cashier’s checks from new clients. Unfortunately, we don’t accept cash payments.  Once your order has been submitted through our website, you will receive a follow up invoice containing payment instructions.

Are your seeds feminized?

No, but periodically feminized lines will be available in limited amounts.

Are your seeds autoflower?

No, but periodically feminized lines will be available in limited amounts.

Are your varieties below 0.3% THC?

Yes, but due to the large variance in testing and cultivation practices we cannot guarantee tests above 0.3% THC won’t occur.

Can I resell, gift or transfer your seeds to a third party?

Absolutely not.  Before you make the purchase of our seeds, you are required to sign our MTA (Material Transfer Agreement).  Agreeing to this prohibits anyone from reselling, transferring or using our seed as breeding stock or for clone sales.

Will you help us sell our biomass once grown out?

Of course! We are committed to helping our clients from seed through harvest. We cannot guarantee that we will sell your biomass, but we will help in any way possible.

Do you guys ever work with other seed cultivators?

Yes. We do collaborate with like minded farms and farmers.

Are there certain states or areas where growing these seeds may be unsuccessful?

Our varieties are originally bred for arid climates with low humidity and high light. Its’ not to say they won’t do well in other climates but our varieties were selected to withstand these type of climates.

What is the CBD content for each of your strains?

Depending on variety 8%-20% CBD